Monday, June 1, 2009

Welcome! My First Blog Posting

Well, i finally broke down and decided to create a blog.

You may ask, "Why, Paul Benjamin?"

To be frank, there are a few reasons why I finally jumped aboard. First, I simply want to keep friends and family updated with how things are going. Second, I see so many fun or informative items in the news, and now I have a place where I can comment on these things. Hopefully, this is also a place where you will want to come regularly and see what is up to date...or what adventures my friends and I have been up to.

Third, and probably the biggest reason I started this blog, is to call people out on their Bullsh*t! a nice way, of course! :) I see so many inconsistencies and ridiculousness around me constantly, that i now have a place to rant about these things. You know...a healthy outlet to voice my opinion.

Welcome to Dangling Carrots! I hope you find this blog fun & informative...but mostly just a place to come to waste a few minutes throughout your days!


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