Friday, June 5, 2009

Who's having the Best. Week. EVER!

Happy Friday to you all!

After a COLD week here in Chicago, and a week that included both National Running Day AND National Donut Day (you balance each other out!), it is time to decide WHO has had the best week ever!

Here are this week's NOMINEES:
Everyone's favorite Saint, Angelina Jolie had a pretty amazing week. Forbes magazine has just named her the Most Powerful Celebrity in the World. WOW! She heads this year's Celebrity 100 list, even beating out #2 Oprah. Now THAT's what I call having a good week! I'm sure she will celebrate by adopting another kid or two...

New Hampshire Gays & Lesbians are also having quite the amazing week! On Wednesday afternoon, Governor John Lynch signed legislation that allows gay marriage to happen. Beginning January 1st, New Hampshire will be the 6th state where gay marriage is legal. Now, that's GREAT NEWS! Equality for all, y'all!!!

Branden Rickman, the 18-year old from Nevada, beat out Jonathan and Sandhurst to become the winner of Bravo's Make Me A Supermodel. I remember when I was 18...I was dating a girl named Alicia, in the middle of a comfortable 2 yr relationship, and going out to eat with her every night. I was nowhere NEAR supermodel shape... Ugh... But Branden, Congratulations!

Chicago's very own Christopher Bordenave kicked a grand slam at Wednesday night kickball! If you would have seen the amazing kick, you would see why Topher, as we like to call him, is a nominee for having the best week ever! This amazing display of talent helped Team X-Cell (the best kickball team in the nation!) win their exhibition game. Congratulations, Topher! :)

The Cast of Twilight completely DOMINATED the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night. other movie even had a chance! Although, including Kristin Stewart in this nomination was questionable, as she looked like she was completely WASTED out of her mind, and came across looking like a complete Train Wreck!
However, she did win Best Female Performance and the Best Kiss award with Robert Pattinson (who won Best Male Performance.) However, it was Taylor Lautner who really stole the show in the trailer for the New Moon movie, where he effortlessly morphs from a shirtless hunk into a rad Werewolf, leaving teenage girls PANTING for more! Gotta love special effects!

Baseball great, Randy Johnson is 45 years old, y'all! And he is STILL competing at a very high level in Major League Baseball. On Thursday night, he picked up his 300th career win, giving the San Francisco Giants the victory. 300 wins??? That is a feat that only an elite handful of pitchers have achieved, and Randy is the 2nd oldest to reach that milestone. Congrats, Randy...I'd say you're having an amazing week!

This one was debatable, but after much consideration, Eminem is also having QUITE the week. Not only has his new album, Relapse, been #1 on the charts for 2 weeks in a row now (selling over 800,000 copies already!), but he also got to be the recipient of Sasha Baren Cohen's 'Bruno' character's ass in his face. Yes folks, that's right...Eminem was Teabagged by Bruno! And the best thing of all, is that this stunt was allegedly PLANNED! Eminem couldn't wait to have some guy's junk all up in his business!
Em, I tip my hat to you...

These nominees may have had a pretty nice week, but this week's winner who is having the Best. Week. Ever. is:


That's right! Not only did Patti survive an entire week in the Costa Rican jungle on "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here!", she was able to effectively get her castmates to vote to keep her safe for at least another week in the jungle. REALLY? Dare i say it...Patti actually comes across as a likable person; sort of an underdog that you are rooting for.
I really don't know how much she knew or was involved in the scandal involving her husband, former Illinois governor Rod B., but she is keeping low, playing a smart game and slowly swaying public opinion in her favor. ( some of you are still scratching your heads, saying, "Who is she?")

Who knows...maybe she is a true B*tch in real life, but her approval rating is jumping. So keep on eating those bugs, and laying in tubs of snakes & spiders, because are having the BEST WEEK EVER


  1. I agree with you that Patti B is coming across as likable, but what's up with the ear tugging everytime the camera's on her. Patti, you're not Carol Burnett.

    Also, is it my set, or does the Costa Rican jungle look more like a back stage lot than an actual wilderness?

  2. It does look like they set up a 'fake' Costa Rica. It's probably in the middle of Los Angeles! haha

  3. I cannot even believe that little douchey Brandon, beat out Jonathan. Total upset.

    Patti does come across as very likable. And she ALMOST had me with her sob story about Blago...almost. Who knows...maybe she actually believes what she said.

  4. Disagree. Topher gets the best week ever from me. And Technically, it wasn't a grand slam... it was an "in the park home run". Unless the bases really were loaded... were they? I should know that. I mean I am the third base coach.

  5. You are hilarious!! loves it!

    My vote is Gaga though>? Her 3rd top 10 single from debut album with Lovegame! dont you want to ride her discostick?

    speaking of riding discosticks...hmm yah Jonathon should have won;)

  6. Aliza, yes...the bases were loaded. That's why it was a grand slam! hahaha!

    Tony, Gaga has already accomplished a lot, so she doesn't really have a best week ever until she actually hits #1 again...which I'm sure will be soon... :)

  7. super funny!

  8. Topher is victorious! Angie probably wins my vote thought because it was also her birthday this week.

  9. Jonathon should have won, hands down... Thank you though, because with the move, i have not been near a television in a week, and missed it.

  10. Kristin Stewart is always a mess, she just seems uncomfortable and awkward in the spotlight -